What is a data centre rack?

Working with technology is something that the vast majority of businesses have to do. This means that investing in a data centre rack or data server cabinet is an efficient way to keep important items off the floor, ensuring they are safe and correctly organized. Data centre racks also make tech items much easier to find but what exactly are they and how should they be used?

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Put simply, a data centre rack is the perfect organisation tool for all of your electronics. Data centre racks are specially designed to provide sufficient airflow. This is important because otherwise the internal workings of the technology can be easily damaged by fluctuations in temperature. In addition, data centre racks are also used for cable management as a way to prevent cords, wires, cables and other external items from becoming damaged either by tangling, or other forms of misuse. This means that you’ll also know where everything is; providing reassurance that important technology is stored out of harm’s way. 

What is a data server cabinet?

Data cabinets are similar to data centre racks in that they are designed to store and organise electronics. However, unlike racks, data server cabinets are designed to close completely. In addition, many are also designed to help you manage the internal temperature more accurately. This means that data cabinets are widely used by those who use sensitive electronic equipment which can be easily damaged by variations in temperature. 

Data server cabinets can also be used as a security measure as the internal server racks are protected by lockable front and rear doors, intended to provide protection from theft and external damage. Ideal for installation in a business office, data server cabinets protect vulnerable electronics and provide much needed peace of mind. 

Would your business benefit from a data centre rack or server cabinet?

Whether you run your business from your spare room or a large, open-plan office, installing a data centre rack will safeguard your valuable technology equipment from damage, misuse or theft. In addition, you’ll also find that organisation is improved, enabling you to find what you need quickly and efficiently. 

Data centre racks and server cabinets are available in a huge range of sizes and design options. In addition, many data centre rack suppliers are also able to supply bespoke options, designed and made to fit a particular space. Regardless of the sizes of your office, these specialised racks and cabinets provide a must-have solution for today’s businesses.